In The Prado's Museum Copying San Andres and San Francisco (El Greco) into Prado's Museum

Cristina Carpintero Torres, currently studying Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Madrid's Complutense.

Open the door, 27x41cms

The fascination the art awakes today, far from seeming absurd, can be quite rewarding. Much of this art, conveys the feeling we can assimilate it in an moment.


An artist can illuminate human existence. Just be prepared to take a break and focus on the work before us, and step by step, delve into the powerful imaginary world.


On this site I make you partakers of my work, which ranges from copies made in The Prado Museum, to private commissions and portraits, and to personal creation works. I hope you to enjoy my work, just  like I do when I paint.

When you paint...


... there are no enough words to describe how you feel. It is a way of expression, unreining the imagination, creating, with volume; it is to give life to a dead flat canvas.


Everything can be immortalized and depicted somehow managing colors, textures and formats at your wish.

Europa's Picos, Carlos de Haes































"Only if we stay before a particular work we can begin the real process in its world and travel into its interior. But that's very difficult to obtain.

To examine carefully a work of art, dedicating the necessary time, constitutes an complex activity that can only be learned gradually once the preliminary examination of an image, we are tempted to conclude that we will not find anything else in it. We get more and more impatient, and we are forced to move to the next work. However, it is worth to fight the instinct to escape.

If we stay a little longer before the work and let it penetrate our consciousness gradually, a revealing communion between art and the viewer will be established in all probability". 

Richard Cork, art historian, critic, editor, commentator and curator.

Copies from the Prado Museum.

I have the privilege, short ago, to copy works of art in the Prado Museum. It is an opportunity to learn. This museum permits licences under strict rules requiring paint in a certain way. Stay in touch with the public. An audience that appreciates the presence of copyists and manages to make our art a way to get satisfactory replies. With this, the Museum is alive, copies become fairly reliable, with the "old" at the same time modern.

In the section COPIES I show you those made recently that are sold and / or sale.

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