Of course, I would like to thank those people who support me unconditionally: my family, my parents and brothers, Alberto and Alvaro, and so many friends who believe in me.

I appreciate the close cooperation and work proved in the composition, performance and adjustment of photographies to create this website to Jose Maria Gomez-Moran, Chemari.

I thank Manoli Ruiz Berrio, wife and collaborator of the painter Santiago Manuel Morato, for encouraging me to continue this adventure of painting, for his advice and disinterested good work.

I appreciate the cooperation and objective opinions, and mentioning me in his web siter, of  Agustín de la Cruz, painter too.

Thanks to the Prado Museum, the department of Copies; and more specifically to C. Barroso.

I am currently getting on and learning new techniques at the Academy Artium Peña. Thanks to the special attention I am payed of Juan and Ramon.




Thanks to Jacqueline Maggi Hollands, a prominent sculptor, writer, illustrator, painter and teacher, with whom I shared a very enjoyable time.




Acknowledge the support and hospitality to Mark A. Williams (he has won awards for both his work as a writer, and an educator in Duke Ellington Scholl of The Arts). Also, of course, his wife Maria Dolores Gomez-Moran, for their generosity.

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